Tuesday, September 14, 2010

your inherit obsessions will ultimately pull you
and finally take you under.


never thought my Dreams can become this visable.. i never thought it can overtake me and shock me into overwhelming my reality.

with each turn of the tide, with each undulating motion of this ever shifting waking moment:
i find myself stepping into a highly fragmented, saturated glimpses of prophecy.
every turn of the tide into a new form of revelation:
the atmosphere, the scents, the weather ..the change, the exact hint of tone in a persons voice, a sign i slightly caught while catching the public transit, the piercing look in an unknown's eyes but highly understood:
the deepening, intensifying intuition that now has evolved into manifesting physically in my body.. all of these things have become the Shocking Reveal of letting your dreams be at the mercy and become overtaken by the Eternal's hands.

again i say.. my eyes. my heart . my future-the very fabric of my quivering mind.. stands agape at the  orchestrating movements that are yet to unfold.
i cannot attempt sleep, for every waking moment is saturated in culminating fulfillment.
i have nothing left of me, but to
finally let this take me under.

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