Tuesday, February 24, 2009

its worth waiting. & hold urself back.

i feel this way.
it can kill at times.
but i know,

Patience is a beautiful thing.

there is just too much to lose, if not.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

V. day


Seduction is a lie.
Lust is a trap.

Love should never be the one to kill, hurt, and maim You ..to make you believe its not
worth wanting.




be careful how you treat each other...
I've been contemplating a lot lately, of the whole aspect, of love. unrelenting, unselfish, selfless, extravagant love in relationships.

And ill admit,
I am not one to easily be swayed as much, w. this whole "aspect".

I just know real love when I see it.
(and i only want the best.)

I had both the privilege & pain,.. to stand by two friends of mine, going through a "rehabilitating" time from:..a heart-wrenching relationship.

*( I have yet, to redefine the word "
I don't think I can ever use that term loosely again.)

I don't think, many people ever stop to think these days.
just what happens, when two people
... come together


Its just a lot deeper, than we ever thought or expected.

good & bad.

then, your whole perspective changes.
maybe people that suffered before us, knew better than we thought.

(song of songs 2:7)
(1 Cor. 13)


and I added a new quote today.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009


So, I haven't told many people yet.. at the most (two). And, I am just dying to let you know, on the whereabouts. Well, not "dying",..thats a bit too dramatic.


(God decided to surprise me) with a trip to New York,
at the end of this week.


I cannot begin to place or put or describe into the words, the way I feel.
The way He surprises me,.. and holds all my desires- long been forgotten in His hands.
and , I often think: "I cannot believe he thinks about me.."(ps 139).

and I guess the above "statements" are, in fact - true.

(please stay tuned for updts. on why I'm even there:)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Friday, February 6, 2009

i don't sleep sometimes

this is what i do at 4 in the morning(s).

what i've been listening to lately,
give them a try:

shitao (myspace.com/shitao)
oceans above
the notwist
boards of canada
ghostly swim
89.9 fm

(vinyl is slowly creeping in...)


angelica and i escaped the mundane again.
we just had to.

my favorite sculpture in the store.

it was 27 degrees outside.

[girls got together to study the bible & pray. much-needed and irreplaceable,
in my lifestyle.]

[ e.w.- a.c.- me] a shoot behind the scenes.

check: [myspace.com/samjphotos]
For Official set Feb [09].