Wednesday, February 11, 2009

V. day


Seduction is a lie.
Lust is a trap.

Love should never be the one to kill, hurt, and maim You ..to make you believe its not
worth wanting.




be careful how you treat each other...
I've been contemplating a lot lately, of the whole aspect, of love. unrelenting, unselfish, selfless, extravagant love in relationships.

And ill admit,
I am not one to easily be swayed as much, w. this whole "aspect".

I just know real love when I see it.
(and i only want the best.)

I had both the privilege & pain,.. to stand by two friends of mine, going through a "rehabilitating" time from:..a heart-wrenching relationship.

*( I have yet, to redefine the word "
I don't think I can ever use that term loosely again.)

I don't think, many people ever stop to think these days.
just what happens, when two people
... come together


Its just a lot deeper, than we ever thought or expected.

good & bad.

then, your whole perspective changes.
maybe people that suffered before us, knew better than we thought.

(song of songs 2:7)
(1 Cor. 13)


and I added a new quote today.


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Lisandra said...

i know exactly what u mean. wow, its kind of creepy. i also posted a similar blog. i love the way you write, its entertaining, deep, and it flows beautifully. i dont even know u but i can hear your voice through your writing.
(and now through ur vid. lol.)
hope to read more soon =]
take care