Saturday, January 31, 2009

2009- video LA.


this is what's running through my head.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Well, I had my first photo shoot, professionally done at around 7:45. In the morning. Wow. I loved it. But to me it was very surreal. I was ever thankful, and I realized just how much time and effort one would have to put.

To be honest, I have a full ways to go, and I feel like I could never stop learning. I have so many plans and ideas, things too graphic and kept under wraps to fully (yet merely) reveal yet, but if you stay tuned, maybe you'll see those things come to pass.

There is so much I want to change. And although a lot of young women come to me to do their beautiful portraits- I love working with them- there are many other things I am looking for, in desiring to shoot.

Speaking with a music-friend buddy of mine, he said the simple facts and simplicity of "captures". There is something real and raw about simple captures that bring the moment of remembrance and magic into frozen moments. Listening to certain new music I have acquired, I all-of-sudden thought of how much my talent can be stretched.

I like that I can be stretched.

I've realized that those who I've learned to gain respect from and associate myself with, have gotten very few and down to the minimal.
There is very few who would love you enough to pull things out of you that they are not satisfied seeing only to remain under the surface.

I congratulate those who "do things" and do them well.
With a humble heart, and a quiet/
shut mouth.