Tuesday, July 28, 2009

every element in a person's body. infrastructure. dna, may be taken for granted by the age of 3.
well, not every. but,..a huge portion.
i often sit and marvel at just how complex the fragility and intricacy of each human being we come into contact with can be.

remember those strangers, ..you met on the bus one time?
no. or that temporary friend/travel partner who sat next to you on your trip to the cinema.
do you believe the cosmos has some interwoven scene or mechanism to a play that we are all joining in on our own role.

do you believe a person's body chemistry is set and synchronized to yours for that moment of time when your paths meet, the person's brain waves and specific amount of neurons, are in sync for you to finally speak words that they will be able to receive and hear for that given time?

and then something changes. something is downloaded and inadvertently received (whether they notice it or not) and the Spirit moves and physiologically with the heavens connecting with the earth, God has his way in the cosmos. and then they are either separated and moving in different directions all over again. or joining in a new journey.

this is what I call metaphysical encounters.

there are miracles, revelations
happening around us everyday. today.

I think the revelation and depiction for direction from God is so small and minute, that it's everything you needed to know.

but never thought you could.

this is how I live my life at times. this is how it comes across ever since i can remember. john 3:8.

but I do admit, the human side of me does get hurt when letting things go where they must.
I once told someone from my past, if i was given the choice to remove the emotional stimulus of pain or suffering from my mental capacity. I wouldn't do it.

i most emphatically said no. this is part of the human life, we breathe in, we breathe out the intricacies of now. their injustice to our souls, the pains, theheartaches, the regeneration, the desecration, the love, the joy, the raptures.

i am no Savior,
but I do realize that each breath has it's weightiness.