Sunday, October 31, 2010

travel life.

misses the hum and drone of these travel to unravel days....
for reference....

 Model Photographer Wardrobe Stylist S J Portfolio on ModelURL.com

Friday, October 29, 2010

stealing satellites .

the choices I make from here on end

will be like retinas splitting the sky.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

every single moment

my current, reoccurring, incessant inspirations for my style :


emilio pucci

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

today. 10/26

..is this kind of day.

Friday, October 22, 2010

mind grains.


4am shoot to refrain.

I was taken up for one of the higher-end ad campaigns/runway show
 here in the city.
It was unlike anything I ever been a part of before..
there is a certain aura, persona, .. and demeanor of this city
that causes the “cut throat” fear and emasculating portion of this industry
to completely disintegrate.  
I am ... overwhelmed with surprise, fervor,..and pleasurable warmth
in the gratefulness I am feeling at this moment
to be able to work in this.
the sincerity in their voice is what gets me.

4AM Call time
fellow model capture- paige
paige / sj

Saturday, October 16, 2010

i’m still.. baffled, how all this happened to me.
"Paper Doll” I- Editorial Shoot. OCT. 16 from samantha Jaramillo on Vimeo.

"i can’t breathe” .. "and this is all i wanted"

everything that’s hidden, will be brought to the Light.
 everything in it’s right place.

Friday, October 15, 2010

..i watched silently as...you buried yourself alive.

(10/12 • soho gallery cafe • chilly day... set out a cataclysm of thoughts. this is the pent up.)

(this is not some movie , to create interstitial acceptance into the social structure
among the creatives.
all things lead to something. everything is symbolic. this leads to that. everything is an extension of.)

i’m not quite sure what to make of this
i’m not quite sure how to feel... about this.

..why does it still... quake.. inside of me.
dear God, i can’t help but feel unnerved.. unraveled.. and baffled.. by how our interaction is still intertwined and strong- through out the sphere scape.
..our human connection reverberates.
..I’m scared of all that he has tried to become to me.
..i’m encompassingly intrigued it might have worked.

...i wonder if he could ever feel it too.
i wonder if i’ve gotten ‘inside' him somehow.
touched a nerve,
hit an emblem,
so.. every movement , strings new sound waves within him.

physical closeness .. physical implications, physical barriers ...mean nothing to me.
they say, with the absence of one.. it makes way, gives rise, heightens all the others.

..maybe it’s my imagination...maybe i’m just becoming more and more allured and disillusioned by my phantom thoughts.

“two minds and all the places they have been” 
- stateless
(rises through my headphones, at this moment)

...maybe i just want to continue to feel him throughout the atmosphere..
..maybe .. i just want to keep him warm.

maybe i just want to find a true (home) for him... outside and ...across borders.

...maybe, there is a place we could (both) travel to ...without moving.

..maybe, one of us has visited that place before inside ourselves...longing for the others presence to be there,.. because that’s how it all started in the first place.

i wonder if he feels it too.
 i wonder if he likes the fear of it.

Monday, October 11, 2010

excavating and weaving through.

i’ve been listening to the clash, deftones, and drinking coffee-tea for quite some time.
i’ve been watching circular videos nonstop of white noise mixed with cinematic airplane flights or 
night captures of city lights in slow motion..
somehow it seems to soothe and ‘transport’ me.
by day, dreaming of traversing other lands outside of my borders..
i dream of a place that will sustain my fruition of desire to be in another place,
a place that sustains my already rapturous internal, delicate Spirit. the
desires are erupting.
the selfless yearn, is erupting.

Friday, October 8, 2010