Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Lord. my Dear Lord Jesus:

..no matter how much I try,

I just can't picture my life without you...


this is my current state of emotion. i think it's always been.

captured under the sun and found between the breeze.

sometimes the best ideas are formed in secret.

just don't steal the fire.

there is so much change in my life, these days.
No wonder they say cool breaths of fresh air are invigorating and overwhelmingly refreshing at the same time.
If she were a person, I'd befriend her. We would go around town and talk about where we felt like going next and she would tell me stories of sea merchants and the famous mount caspar. and the Indian named lady charisma.
I cut my hair again.

I always knew it was coming this way.
I always knew I couldn't stay subdued as one person forever.
Growth is continually a highly potent chemical in my blood.
I like the feeling of it surging through my veins, and affecting my brain.
The people I love, must understand this. Or just humbly and understandably let me go.

"Strange things will happen if you let them
Come around and stick around."