Monday, September 13, 2010

they can smell it in your blood.- 9/12

..whatever is happening, it's not enough. i need constant monopolizing.
i am in constant morph.
it is not so much a cognizant effort, i am not putting my own strenuous exertion into this.. i feel it wouldn't be pure. it would become adulterated in some way,
manipulated even the slightest.

this need..

it is the type of monster that crawls across your glimpses of revelation at night.. that cause your pupils to enlarge, widen your Spiritual eyes and have you staring into the night as if falling in love with only this night.. to pant for more.

It is nothing by the corruption of human hands.
oh, how i love it.
it is Nothing any can steal from me, because it was purposefully planted there from the beginning..
strange how many, are not in tune with the very make, fabric, and weight of their own conception.
has something that the world will never fully wrap around and let intertwine their mind,
but is vibrant and most fervently ..Felt.
it is something that is superfluous and slips through the cracks and cervices of greedy fingers, raping hands,
and unsatisfactory eyes.  Eyes that only gleam for another person's luster.

how selfish
how foolish their own toxic (hidden) demeanor.
instead of dreams that slowly propel them towards their future- where their spiritual waking moments are left to the intangible at and unquenchable hands of the Eternal at night, they are left at the mercy of their own skewed venomous eye's hunger that robs them of their dreams.

They are left with the haunt and toil of another, instead of beautiful dreams that build their waking sleep they are left at their mercy of a degenerating spiral of comparison;  under the facade of trapped doors in invisible monuments.
how self-destructive their own invisible assault. ..
with every silent pilfer; every hook made to steal, suck, and penetrate. this  charade and impersonation so easily raped by the idea and mind of Another..
they are left bereft.. in a deserted plain of unknowing: for all the Living Streams of Water flowing in their own direction were left to swelter in the expiration of the Sun's daylight hours - abandoned, for their gaze and focus was left elsewhere, deceived at the fascinating assault of another.

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