Wednesday, September 8, 2010

raids of perpetuating Light.

these tantalizing moments in this tend to cast spells and waves of chills up the spine.. competing with the invisible hooks that claw forth, hungering and invoking their message.
in this moment,.. i'm in a dangerous state of mind. and it will bring forth  irrevocable beauty. ..and it will Expel completely out of me: run through me.

and i'll watch it go forth, ..float up,.. transcend..firing the retinas.. refining into Eternal value.
 and i'll be in a heightened state of perception,... clearing all senses.. overtaking my sensations, 
past all Human clarity.. as i laze into the Unspeakable.
in this moment of time, clarity is not through the dominating of expired thought or Overzealous encumbering words.
it is stopped. hushed. silenced and taught to awe. 
where it'll unhook you from the repeated... from the self-contaminating cycle. 
and the cycle of human life (death on earth while waking) is finally stopped within me.
 as my Eyes Gaze forward.. into the Eternal, into His raids of the Unspeakable.
raids of perpetuating Light..
 as my own Light..  is never my own. my strength fails me and i like it.
 it is never fueled by Me. and it will never become me, 
but i'll adhere to it.

as they gaze,... they gaze.. and pant forth, 
lost in what they do not see. beautifully lost to the imperceptible yet satisfying. and in this type of oblivion, there is a circular motion of appetite to satiability, this type of lost.. their Souls pant for.
and in this Truth that is discovered,
they'll continue the Search only to find, and never be found again.
but have indelible worth
and irreplaceable identity.
 in this inexplicable moment, ..their inner bodies rupture with the invisible patterns set forth from the patterns of life.. their parents' genetic inheritance, their inhibiting thoughts.

this Risk ..into the unspeakable splits forth to form new atoms in His existence.  
..and these understated moments of rapid, healing Light, bring forth a multifaceted mission: immediate quells for New life, are finally cured and released into new  form of Truth into oblivion  .


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