Sunday, September 19, 2010

madness is the closest form to ecstasy.

this maddening obsession has been the sickness that will take the very life of me. it has become the food and drink of my day to day, causing my body to ache and hunger for everything more but nothing ever  less.
i've been overtaken by the ideas that will ultimately ensue and reproduce themselves in me. 
my days have become like that of  heavy drips of dew, filled and saturated with illimitable purpose, slowing down the hands of time so intimately that i can hear the ramifications of it's ticking reverberating off my head, and feel it off my tongue.

i've been haunted with the ghost of now,  
the apparition of the inescapable.
the figment of the urgent..

i'm being pulled by two, long, invisible, red reigns; chords that seem to stretch and connect to the very pit of me and drag me along to the invisible oblivion, the black hole of wonder that will soon reveal itself as my destiny. the lighted tunnel, the illuminated path that will bring me to my eternal revelation of destiny and ultimate freedom in the unknown..
in a life, a world where there are many monotone implications,
many twists and turns in the science of living.. i have eluded them, escape, walked through, and punctured my gaze through all of it. anything that threatens to slow down my thought processes, make cloudy the intensive connection to the immaculate elegance of the unknown, i dispel from my existence.
I've allowed their words to become passing echoes, faded memories, light indention marks that no longer stood the test of time in my mind.

this has been the ramifications of the here and now, like the felt sensation of velvet on the walls of my mind, the coarse texture  of beauty inspiration felt on my tongue. .. there can never be enough of the explicit characteristics of this creative destiny that is about to unfold in front and inside of me.
i can feel it's vocations, i can feel it's warmth firing the very crevices of my mind: what is done in secret, will ultimately be brought to the light.

importance in the -invisible-.

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