Sunday, September 19, 2010

visual stimuli: photo reel.

the rise & fall.
© Joshua Datu

lately, I've been given the biggest dosages oscillating between compliments to full racism. ..in all honesty with you, I kind of like it. I don't know, but.. living in between the extremes and experiencing both sides of each kind of emotion (if any) is amusing and even invigorating.

 Walking through the streets and spending my new life in a new town, .. I would think attending an art school that celebrates eclecticism, obscurity, and abnormal semblance and thought would help bring me into their coveted wings.
Oh, no on the contrary. There is something about the preconceived notions of a fresh, young, thing conceiving an "artist" or truly living the bohemian lifestyle... they go through all the physical alterations and ailments. they try to "look" the part, but if anything.. there is no waves to their very nonverbal living. There is no waves of intention, waves of influence, because what they are pivoting and moving on has no identity behind the exterior distractions.

...that's what I've been seeing lately at this school. Looking about and around at the crowds of seemingly "young, creative, free thinkers".. all of them looking to each other to feel some sort of identity or normalcy. While I,
just sit back, ...agape, earbuds on, watching the herds of many, running into walls.. running into eachother.. hoping they'd find each other.
Maybe .. maybe this sickness and degenerating mentality will end. maybe soon, when they have the time to lie awake in their beds at night, forced to face their isolation from home and loneliness.. maybe this sickness will end when they sit and face themselves and realize the tapped well within them. Maybe they'll get hits here and there of madness.
and maybe... if they're not afraid they'll let it surge invisibly to their veins, all collecting to a place in their hearts, within their vessel that brings about true evocation. When the hilarity of passion and inspirational pandemonium erupt into the systematic natural: then there is beauty to be had.

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