Monday, November 15, 2010

Unspoken Eternity on the map of your skin.

just in time for my bday..

© IC Kuo


if i had a son, i'd grow him up in the most unscrupulous of ways. i'd tell him through action
how to become a survivor through the insatiable excavation of knowledge.
i'd call him 'Kingston', and he'd have the full freedom
to explore his emotions and inherently  cascading passions.
i won't reprimand him for his wandering mind and 
firing eyes. 
a soul that needs to Feel consumed and 
truly become it.
I'll instigate him, till he realizes there is no other way to live
if no one pokes at his underlying levels to become ..better.
to Become fully whole, 
then to destruct, 
and die
 and become someone else Fully again.

I will teach him how to Revere the idea of Creation,..
and to let him explore every detail of sensations 
to the point when he lays on his bed at night
or sets ablaze every fervency to the work of his hands
..he'll stop and look at the very grain of Unspoken Infinity laid as a map
to the Eternal one who welcomes eternity 
to him with unlocked and highest forms of (treasured and voraciously infatuated) 
i'd never raise him less,
and truly let him go. 
for i'd release him already 
at the start of  his birth.

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