Sunday, December 6, 2009

tired eyes, paired with avid hearts

hotel room 3
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there's something about a hotel room that seems to bring me a sense of deep familiarity...
i somehow feel more engaged inwardly and in the weightiness of the atmosphere. i am able to see with a downtempo, blurred vision in all it's dimness..the reflections of being able to face myself.
even in my solitary times alone in a hotel bed, i was never really asleep. I was soaking up the atmosphere and readjusting my purpose in a new surrounding. I think my body likes being in new and unfamiliar places. especially as something so temporary as a hotel room.
i get the sense that important, heartfelt moments will happen in these few hours of a make shift home..
..maybe, with others it's having to fabricate a somewhat temporary family in those few hours, that makes it all the more encompassing.
we've all been locked and tucked together in this comfortable room, with nothing but the necessities, dream-like sheets set to the stimulation of deep conversation, (the option of) the tv set turned down to a low drone; making it seem like the walls were meant for ears, and a coffee pot used for tea . and in this make shift home, with beds meant to swallow us into complacency,...the interactions of atoms between life stories start to unfold.

i like the idea of beds never meant to sleep in. just lying in them while your eyes weigh in and out as you fight off the sleep, just because you want to soak in the last moments with these people you'll probably never get the privilege to again.

some of my best moments were spent in hotel rooms. always with people, I carried a deep sense of love and admiration for..i seem to never forget the emotion and intrinsic connection reacting invisibly between us in the silence. in those last few moments before drifting in and out into sleep. ..where they and I were at our most vulnerable state. and in this state, we trusted each other to fall asleep, as if we grew up like siblings sharing the same room.

..i still remember the stillness of the air. the gentle waking to a quiet morning, and...the hidden melancholy knowing the last moments with them were coming down to an end, set to a check-out date.

and in the corners of my mind, i've revisited and made emblems and waves to the memories of this. the instances when we met in such a transitory -permanent- state.

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