Sunday, November 29, 2009

once they see you're a fraud, you could never go back to it's elasticity and potency.. because it was never really your's to begin with. all that was you, was meant to be stretched anyway. and every being has it's time under the sun, until the resiliency of their young minds give way and then they are left back into the fetal state. who are they then? what is breathing but the dancing of atoms residing in recycled air of ghosts that walked this earth, long ago past. only to disatisfyingly have their life stories repeated in another young man's body who thinks he holds the world on his shoulders, like atlas.. are they all broken kings and self-proclaimed wise-man? for the truly wise do not even think themselves wise, and the wisdom they attain should bring them to their knees more so than give them a broadened exterior. ..
and who will Listen to a voice calling in the storm and a light shining in the dark if the darkness all but seems light to them? their eyes have adusted and they've gone into dementia, where white is now black, and snow is sunshine and spring.

will this be enough to suffice their minds to a challenge? ..because that's all they really want right? ..a challenge. to prove their self worth, and maybe to ease their own hunger for self-importance. or maybe even to prove that they are alive.

that's all they ever really need right..

if we go down to the very root of things, past the portions where intellect creates a stable exterior, we are all born with uncanny and uncontrollable desires, that we- even ourselves are afraid to admit we like and still hate. it's a fierce secret, a pacified inner life, that causes our spirit, body and soul to divide in a way which causes each of it's own 'philosophies' to contradict themselves.

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