Wednesday, November 18, 2009

mind warp.

do you believe we only see people, in the way we see ourselves..?
think of the people you know at this moment, or choose to reside in associating with.
do you intrinsically (but inadvertently) choose them because they somehow instill or remind you, of you?...

I was never one to need that type of reassurance. nor was i ever one to inherently rebel against something, for the sake of completely not being what was described. well anyway.... i just feel one of three things mostly right now:

1. people should not be used as stepping stones, block, or paper weights for something that is not able to be controlled.
2. it is very inhibiting to them & yourself to only think double faceted in a multi faceted life..
3. it is very selfish to seek 'yourself' in others, ..you'll never find it.

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