Wednesday, October 14, 2009

ember emission

everyone drops out.
everyone drops out...
will this be my fate too?

im standing on the ground watching here as my transparent soul dangles above the masses, up front above the heads who've either watched captivated for admiration or waiting to ridicule in disdain.

i spoke whispers to those captive on the other side, in a country who made promises of so-called freedom and whispered stories of home.. and the warmth that soon ensued with every word i spoke, became embers that warmed their skin and set their face aglow..
i left them insatiable, only for them to taste of what is yet to be Seen.

and to invite them to cross over enemy lines with me.

running effortlessly through a wolf pack, ...sliding elusively between walls, found on the other side. can this go on forever? hanging around here,.. while continually being a spy. my emblem and identity is not here,.. and overthrowing the system of what has seeped in to make their skin dull, that devours their ability to resuscitate, and bring them to a new reason why.

can it be that there is such a thing as a holy rebellion in this place?... where the need for a Rescue is everything but, kept to those who bear the Light.

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