Tuesday, June 2, 2009

fire behind her eyelids.

I've reached for you,
I'm gasping in the incomprehensible wind.
And ill let you carry me.
I'll let you sweep me,
and bring me to places i can't even control.

almost nothing and everything is coming together all at once.
daring to travel into the mystery, unlatching myself from all compasses and hinges and diving deep into the abyss that is God. this jump, this journey will cost me.

I see him in every place i go. evident in every moment, felt in every drop of relaxed air. like fingertips

I can sense him on my skin, and feel him under my eyelids when i sleep. I can feel him within my brain, and if I gaze intensely ahead.
I quickly close my eyes as if not to unveil what Im not ready to see..
I'd rather keep it safe, under white sheets, locked only to be exposed as a mystery.

It is only till his hands uncover what is meant to be viewed by my own eyes, at that moment I'll be ready.
I am experiencing this God in ever-changing, all- encompassing, unorthodox, and overwhelming ways.

usually id be kind, gentle, and polite to not say, but I'd pity the one not willing to take the jump.

You will never know life as we were meant to see it.
even with our eyes closed. dead in the body, but alive in the soul.

ask yourself, how would you like to experience the eternal?
of heaven on earth.
of complete nirvana, of unending bliss.

now is the time.

"where, except in the present, can the eternal be met"-cslws

I've reached this place in my life where the unknown doesnt scare me.
And there is only One source, ..for the eternal.

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