Friday, December 31, 2010

my teleportation to 2011.

© Jessica Castro

Shinta Tea Lounge in Russia

i thrive on the subconscious. 
that is all i can really rely on these days.
all i can relate to, are words with thoughts and fragmented cinematic images.
i feel i am experiencing a whole other world,
stuck in an untapped galaxy behind this advent, maddeningly throbbing chest
and mind.
everything i can explain is only set to symbolic images.
and even if i try to articulate
everything is congealed and liquified to a slow-churning drone.
it's as if this world and the next do not want me to translate.
(at least verbally).

and those...yes
those who take  the heavy task at hand,
 to decipher
to ultimately "solve" me from myself;
unlock the riddle and submerge themselves therein;

run away with me 
and  never come back..
traverse the plains of this untapped world,
everything inside me has become a maze within a mecca.
a holy place only meant to be shared by two.
and in that two,
the One 
can thread the needle between
only causing holes of distinction and 
connections between 
that no one can erase or reproduce.

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