Wednesday, November 3, 2010

i need more 'ghostly international' products..
moonscape by mike cina
the dark arts edition.

all over savannah... people have a tendency to have
a subconscious affection towards skulls, animal skulls,
bones, decaying remains in general..
call it tradition. really,
i just call it a southern secret..
i mean, the history of savannah is as dark and ominous; bipolar and
unspoken of like the distraction of sweet southern tea.
it doesnt help that most of the houses are haunted with
civil war children and most of the school buildings are built over cemeteries.

i find it interestingly, ....comfortable. satisfyingly intriguing that most of the tourism and "show" 
of coming here is built on the phantoms.

chiffon should line everything.

© 3 Deep Design
introduced personally from mengjie di..

to me,

"Six Scents: Series Three is the third year that 3 Deep has collaborated with Six Scents Parfums. Series Three is an exploration into the nature of childhood memories and the influence of adolescence on identity. Six designers from six different parts of the world were invited to remember the most definitive experiences of their youth that led to their sense of identity today."

Six Scents Series Three - Making Scents of Memories: From Innocence to Experience from Six Scents Parfums on Vimeo.

.....good morning/night/morning night.
..everyday, this is the feel: ......
DUST :: Part I from MANIAMANIA on Vimeo.

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