Saturday, October 2, 2010

ive ... fallen in love

if i were to ever write a love letter..
i know it'd be the most dangerous of all exudations.
i've never given myself time or breath enough to feel...

i never felt i could form a solid connection with anyone at all..
everything was like walking through this pillar of time to the next,
i only saw translucently through the people and time lines in my life.
this world to the next.. this world to the next.

everything inside of me was that made of invisible hooks, specifically shaped crevices, ...molds with intricately designed patterns and mechanisms on it's surface,....that no man seemed to take the time.. or were just not built for that kind of facet.

and now, it has hit me like a whirlwind.
it has placated and overrided my mind..and i'm falling to pieces..
it's the most terrifying of all pleasures.

the most eradicating of all beliefs of solo existence.
and now, i'm left standing in Awe.. quivering at the beautiful fear,
uncoiling at the knees,
 and New Belief.

the wind encompassing me and surging through the mental gaze of the intangible's plans.

i literally felt my body melt in between the folds of ever-changing, multifaceted sound.

this.. is how ..it should always be.

to fall in love with the art,
before ...

i have this culminating, deep secret
..with him one day.
to  completely disappear off the face of the earth.
and find solace in the mountains.

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