Sunday, August 29, 2010

a million reflected versions of

who i am has completely dissipated from what i was.
 who i am is never who i have been,
in this instance,.. loss of memory has never been so raveshing.
I am in constant motion
in constant, oscillating route.
embodying, ingesting, expelling the form of an Providence-Birthed idea. rather than simply stating one.
and never the intention to dispel with words or rape it of it's timely prophetic revelation by implicating it as my own..
I feel the weight of a holy revelation that is meant to carry multiple hooks...explicit instances.. emotive noiseless sirens to reach the hungry heart, internal dialogue, and eyes of the masses.

I have learned the craft, ..the lifestyle of becoming nameless and faceless in distinction, but whose truth of intentions reverberate mightily off the memory.

To not exist, to fully embody who i was meant to be (even in that moment) in ever turning mazes- that all lead to One ending point.
one Eternal focus.

a million facets, a million versions of who I was/am (to become). (to become). (to become). (to become).
to Be come in one lifetime.

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