Tuesday, August 17, 2010

i'm not.

i've been spending my nights in a way where the two lines between this night turning into the next blur.
living in a state where time is limitless, where the rules of the body have no reign on the thought-life.
where prayer & meditation can never be extinguished.
where i am no longer a physical facet
but now an idea. a motion-filled truth (or adherence of).
where i am not looking to leave traces, 
but let truth leave its distinguishable emblems on me.
where 12% is conversation.
and 88% is the miracles happening inter-cellularly therein.

what beautiful, ravenous, rapture to never ..be.. 
in control.

the importance of me has diminished. it
was never a fight against myself, 
but more of a translucent,
diminishing surrender.

as more of the figment of what i wanted to become floated upwards,
 and the condensed, saturated, heavy dew of truth began to fall from the
extraterrestrial origin.

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