Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I need..revelation to crack the sky in my dreams tonight.
there is nothing in the atmosphere that can slowly dilute the avocation, liveliness that is happening in the atmosphere tonight.
it is both a strange and unnerving thought.
leave it to me, ..to live and ask for the most dangerous, unorthodox way of life.
as i was sitting merely in a waiting area today..i realized for the first time upon my  awakening understanding- that no one can fully partake in the same thought that would simply lay out consecutively in their mind; where in mine: it is a never-ending maze of integrated labyrinths, begging to be solved. while at the same time plummeting to the deep abyss of the ocean floor, only to find revelation therein.

it hit me for the first time.. that my imagination could really be the death of me. it causes me to salivate both spiritually and shake with hunger physically.
i find the mind, .. imagination.. desire.. can soak up so much of my energy to cause me to revive my focus.
how, ... how, i long to let it excavate.. elevate  these inward, too often ignored Spiritual revelations to the symbolic of the physical.
i feel it is incessantly reaching for something grandiose.. something deeper. than me. my eyes are n(ever)ot satisfied.

it is happening... it is slowly happening.. maybe that is reason for the frenetic friction; the atmosphere that agitates under the seemingly calm of my external skin.

i am. forming again.
i am morphing into another elevated facet. of what He always dreamed of me. to Be.

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