Sunday, August 8, 2010

i hope everything i've built shatters to pieces.
I hope all the monuments i've made burn to the ground..
i hope it is a  vibrant death.
you see..many people do not like the idea of holding onto the wind.
they do not like the idea of being in constant motion.. limitless.
they do not like the idea of seeing their heaping towers,.. swaying in the wind.
i hope i get to watch my monuments fall to the ground.

i hope those monuments will never carry my name.  in all actuality, i know they're raised only for the point of being burned..
only for the point of carrying on top of it a poignant moment -between the viewer and the introduction.

because within that actuality is the revelatory Sanctity. encapsulated and coming forth as an idea. but within that idea, is the need for the Eternal. the means of the eternal. the Hunger for the Eternal.

...The eternal One's fingerprints reach forth in saturation of the instigation of your eyes, only to make itself known across the hidden, internal, unknown make of your spiritual body. like the incubation of never-once-opened cells. being massaged, budding, and waking to life.

to purify the eyes,
to provoke the spirit to erupt in flailing  motion,
to raise your semblance, ..reach high,.. and begin to call forth from the Eternal.

to raise your eyes, ...lift your chests .. and finally gaze long enough, deep enough, penetrated
.. to look past the physical symbol.
the Eyes of the Eternal One burns cosmoses in your eyes in the very wake of your meeting.

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Anastasia said...

I love the Romeo & Juliet image. The film forever blows my mind, and visually inspires me.