Sunday, July 4, 2010

tonight felt like the apocalypse.. and i felt nothing but a peace come over my body.

 as i watched my city go up in smoke... with a mixture of shattered, fragmented light. i felt the air and atmosphere mix with a saturated half-closed eyelid remembrance tonight. walking in the midst of dewy air, i felt my roots pick up and leave long ago; i strained my eyes for any signs and my heart feeling to the invisible corners of the room of this broken town;  displaced and no longer have roots meant to be planted here. ..how is it? that a road with the same streets of adolescence look so empty to me. how is it, ,,that these faces that, when looking upon them melt into mixes of warmth of vanilla memories of "home" not really find an opening for me in them. if looking upon them at all, they're hollow in structure but blank in appearance. slowly bidding me "farewell", knowing that my existence with them is formidable. 
i've left this place long ago,,. i left it in a moment of thought months ago somehow. if i were to disappear and evaporate, it's as natural and inevitable as rain dissipating from a summer sidewalk in the morning, it's residue only welcomed and met during those sweltering summer nights. 

i've transfixed and left my life and mind somewhere else. ive left this place long ago.
it'll only be a month now, until my body has yet to meet up.

isnt that the way that these things go?.. really. 
it should. 

thank you angelica, for this. and the silent moments that carried your essence within me tonight:

"who would fare better in this world of Fitful time? those who have seen the future and live only one life? or those who have not seen the future and wait to live life? Or, those who deny the Future and live two lives?" -'einstein's dreams'

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