Friday, July 9, 2010

I got to spend most of my moments alone in the city.. i feel it is the most provocative and evocative connection, to stare people in the eyes.
 to feel the weight of one glare of a connection  to another... I felt as if they knew I meant them no harm. I would watch intrinsically and meticulously at the smallest sign of their face softening. their eyes glaring, opening like flowers to the sun or intensely looking away. ..I wonder what they were afraid of.
I feel I had  a certain forcefield evoking from me, bringing people to engage silently with me. certain people, not everyone. ..the people tended to laze and unwrap themselves in front of  me. I was the sentient, opening my pores to feel the weight of the atmosphere and people around me.  I wanted to  feel the energy and mindset of the majority that people carried.

walking alone, i never felt unsafe. walking in illuminated areas with illuminated moments.. i myself witnessed invisible revelations evident in people and relating to myself. secret revelations planted within me, not yet revealed and felt so heavily in the atmosphere.

these are the things that reveal themselves in a dream later, i feel i involuntarily saturate them within me, and they expel in colors so vibrantly in revelatory truths in my dreams.
i also got to share a few moments with my sentient friend; i feel... our nonverbal communication speaks immaculate wavelengths and emblems in our bodies and revelations in our minds, with just a few moments sitting together.

I miss you, ..but I really don't.

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