Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lookbook Post #10/11

she desired two roles that beseeched her quivering memory: the archetype and the antihero.
the sun-kissed wanderer with the blazing sun of adventure and destiny in her hair.
 the sly, cat-like, bat-like midnight sphinx whose stuck in a film noir.

here we go...

Jacket: vintage, fringed, tailored. white leather with silver embellishments.
tassels slightly worn on arms.
Boots: leather heeled combat boots. matte, black. from T.U.K.
Shorts: high-waisted jean shorts. dark wash. from MaxRave.
Shirt: sheer, button up blouse. loose fitting, half-way tucked in shorts.
Panty-hose: black, extra sheer. Albertson's.
Hair/Make Up: hair washed and tousled, naturally. slightly combed.
-make-up smashbox liquid hd-foundation.
mac lipstick in rose.

Dress: deep violet and black chiffon dress. high-waisted
with a billowy slouch up top. low, v-cut neckline, raised with shoulder pads. vintage.
Boots: high-heeled leather ankle boots. peep-toe, lace-up, 4' stiletto heel. Forever21.
Hair/Make-up: exaggerated raised bun, messy twist.
smashbox liquid hd foundation, mac luminescent bronze powder on eyes
 and cheeks. mac black eyeliner paste + clear Wet n' Wild lip glaze.
Pantyhose: extra sheer panty-hose. Albertson's.

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