Friday, April 2, 2010

to grow sword eyes in a swaying field.

being placed up for scrutiny is one of the hardest situations i could place myself in. ...it's as if i have no control over my stimulus over my body.
i have the face of someone who can convince you that my exterior is made of pure ice. translucent with nothing to hide. when looking through, it has the appearance of another world. from it's surface, luminescent at it's moments when you least expect it.
but... placed up to scrutiny. it's as if my mind screams at me to stand still..
it's as if i hide what already has the will to stand on it's own.
it's as if i subdue the fire behind my lids,..
this ...wanton and worthless behavior needs to dissipate and fall in the dust behind me.

id rather have sword eyes that cause my own mouth to salivate for only.... the Eternal.
things that leave a lasting impression. and bid adieu to saplings that fly with every push of the wind. thrill seekers who seek only the thrill.. just to deviate from the formidable truth: they are still in the midst of locating their identity. and the thrill has made them parched. Truth is so apparent they've spent the majority of their lives trying to silence it's quells..and their energy drowning out it's voice with their haze of reasoning.

i'm here to uncover it. i'll sharpen my knives and bend my unnerving bows.
prophecy, revelation from the shot of one look.

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