Monday, March 29, 2010

"you should be in love with me.." he angrily exclaimed, and rose from his seat and stole a hot rage of breath only to send a pounding surge to his temples.
fist clenched.

"you're right,".. she momentarily set off in a daze, as if there was a dangling recollection or reminder of his gestures towards her floating in the stratosphere.

"but i can't feel the heartbeat of your words...your motions... your everlasting offerings of revolutions inside of me when you speak..."

"there  is no Light".
"it doesn't illuminate me towards Eternity."

"that is why," she exclaimed. taking a deep sigh, she turned her face towards the rising sun in the horizion.
leaving him to stare at the cold side of her head.

she closed her eyes.

".. you will only feel the ghost of me."
and feel only small vibrations of what you could become."

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