Sunday, March 7, 2010

[winston and julia]

I want to believe in your vision
i want to grasp the next breath of air, knowing each time it's sweetness.
feeling the weight of the liquor of life on our tounges, drinking it up and renouncing the system of what others have fallen into.
I know that we see something, that others are terrified to wake up to, because it's bigger than them. too lofty and complex to be controlled from their meager hands.
but us, .. oh us...we've ridden the danger as one riding the wind.
i'll trust your vision, because your both mad and true.
lead me into the dark, ..where the glowing warmth resides in us both.
and together we'll ignite the darkness as two flames to be shared where there is none.
i want to hold onto the next moment, knowing that we're giving our lives to everything monumental. something so earth shatteringly true, that everything we've held onto is threatened. and this is how we like it,
this is how we choose to live.
our lives decreasingly, ..increasingly not our own, so they can be magnified in the heavenly audience.

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