Monday, March 22, 2010

(press play first)

give it time..
when the light seeps in, and sets aglow the marks. emblazons the eternal fingerprints left before there was any identification of. 
give it time.
your Revelation will come. 
you're eternal birth will reveal itself. 
and no longer will the cold seem to create hollow tubes of unpromising, abandoned passage ways;
empty vessels forever searching in nomadic fruitlessness.
give it time. 
and the warmth will make itself at home in you.
it will live inside, and finally set your retinas ablaze.
You will see. So, you can finally perceive with untrained eyes.
your Spiritual eyes will awake upon it's first bloom.
your retinal buds will know true Light.
and with the dawning of a new sun; in the warmth planted in the seat of your chest,
the heat will start to grow and radiate.
causing your body to vibrate and swell.
you will feel your epidermis amplifying..
as one shedding skin.
as one rupturing from a stolid cocoon.
and all at once, 
you'll realize your true rebirth. 
We wrestle not against flesh or blood,
but true deliverance
in the Spirit.

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