Monday, March 15, 2010

I've set out in the world to find the ultimate, ruthlessly healthy dark chocolate. If anyone knows me, they'd understand that dark chocolate along with my intensely dark teas go well hand in hand. I am not much of a "sweets" person. But ..when I find out it is full of antioxidants and nutritional benefits, I am all over it.
Although I eat some of the most elaborate, exotic, inventive dishes.. one of my favorite desserts ..is purely simple: chilled, organic peanut butter and dark chocolate.

going through the typical shopping isles didn't seem to do it justice for what I was looking for.. I think i had this insatiable hunger for finding the quality of things. i think it's healthy. the best things in life, are hidden. And those who find them relish it more. not only that, but preserve it's purity. I ended up searching online for the healthiest, tastiest peanut butter and found this product: Pb2 powdered peanut butter

now, this is not to be confused with normal peanut butter... it is actually a powder that creates it's desired thickness by just adding water...:o not only that,  but it also comes in chocolate. the nutritional benefits on this are considerably unbelievable. i like that it blow me away. 

Also, .. this is the intense dark chocolate that I found through my search. not only is it venturing up to the 85% cocoa intensity..:o but reading the production of how they make this product and where most of it's proceeds go.. it will make you think twice of settling for any kind of 'sweets'.  that is what i think is best in finding the quality of things. most people who take any staple, mainstream product blindly tend to think that the rest of the world 'agrees' or that it's shaped around that one understanding of how that product portrays an image to the masses. maybe if we all dug a little deeper, we'd find that things are not shaped the same.

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