Friday, March 12, 2010

i would like to dress like the character "bang bang" .. in the brother's bloom.
(minus) the smoking and gun slinging, oh no.
this whole entire film is based on sophisticated edge, with an odd, unique mixture of nostalgic playfulness set in a modernized tone. the lines are blurred between the present day and a throwback of european charm. superbly dressed and styled. there is a sophisticated edge to every scene by the statement of their clothes and attire. simply by (whomever) styled these characters, set the mood, tempo, and vibe of the film. I'm sure it helped every single character to feel completely engrossed in the their role. Whoever styled this film, I am completely astounded.

Not only that, but the same man affiliated with my other favorite movie "Brick" is the same man to direct this film: Rian Johnson. I did not know that until afterwards.. what a fun surprise!

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