Saturday, February 27, 2010

[slip in between]

Once again im finding my self into this abberition of utopian escape.

My heart beat ripening as I relax to the fact that this solemn landscape of contaminated and intruded memory will soon form an alternative reality.

Memories we've never had , pass here momentarily...and in them we've lived a thousand lifetimes together.if only in my sleep-induced state of mind. And in this barren landscape set to the distraction of a lucid, counterfeit, reality. I will meet you here once again.

Because I swear, in my waking moments i've relived this scenario a thousand times again.. and I'll breathe you in like I've never done before. And your kiss in this dreamscape will feel more tangible to my senses than mere touch itself..

Tell me... ask yourself..: can passion exceed in intensity when it's only formed in the mind? Is ectasy and bliss truly at it' s peak when there's no construct to cage or mask it's alluring form with physical conclusion?

Here in this dream state, i've touched you a thousand times. And together we've grown up a billion years as our minds and hearts continue to push towards the vine. The fountain of wisdom that denotes pure ecstacy. Only when our physical bodies are at rest, does our imagination and mind tell us what our controlled reality will never let us know.

And in our sleep state, our senses are heightened to keep in tune with the real reality, then when we are awake..

and in my bed i'll toss and turn and feel the fibers of my covers brush against me. That interrupts this transitory visitation of glimpses of eternity..

Then I lie awake, back in a flat, 2 dimensional uncertain certainty. As the memories of the ethereal continue to reverberate then evaporate from my mind.. and threaten it's own rememberance. I conjur up the energy to write it down mentally as if with ink that carries an expiration date.

Oh, the revelations of the night.

Oh, what journey's we've experienced.. with eyes tightly closed, saturted in embryo sweat, deep breaths..but heart, spirit, and soul in constant flight.

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