Wednesday, January 6, 2010

i was once asked the most unnerving, ..heart-wrenching question from someone i used to know. i considered him a friend... the lines were blurred at times, between.... in fact..he was one of the closest people to my life, in such a short amount of time. i felt my feelings and trust for him (though it died shortly thereafter) were monumental and sincere.

he will never know just how much i....loved ...cared for.....him.
in fact, that is precisely the question. the same question i was asked. he is probably incoherent to this right now,... completely unaware of the turmoil i've felt from losing him. knowing him, this would probably bring him more surprise. probably so preoccupied in the arms of another to notice. he probably doesn't care..

'how could you love someone so much, and them not even notice? i loved her more than any of the guys she's known '
'no one will ever love her, the way i did.'

'could you ever love someone who you never touched?'

i find myself asking and saying the same questions. just the roles reversed.

current song: team sleep 'ice ache'

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