Sunday, January 3, 2010


i have two lives..

- one
that lives as a twenty-something year old girl in a rainy city of japan. riding the subway nightly, and constantly finding 24 hour tea houses to snuggle up in sketch the passerby, photograph the neon lit streets, and sketch last nights dream. only to return to her two bedroom apartment where she puts on the phonograph and paints the sketches she made not too long ago. only to pause in intervals to a pot of steaming matcha tea. and caressing her adoring, vibrating male kitty.

a tortured, young, high sensory male writer who lives in a walking film noir. who struggles with a rare personality disorder from birth, which causes him to sense, feel, touch, and taste intangible concepts; memories, other's emotions, and auras. he is trapped in a world that swings between poetic semblance and vivid memories which draw him deeper into a creative abyss. he struggles between actually publishing his words and allowing only a certain sentences to leak, causing unimaginable revelation and life-changing enlightenment to the unsuspecting reader. he is an antihero at heart, never suspecting to be in the daylight.

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