Monday, December 28, 2009

climb her like a monument, she is understated.
she is behind closed doors, she has many hallways, but only one passage.
she is an untapped well,.. she is potent enriched water.
she is translucent like glass, superfluous like an unending ocean.
she is dangerous behind pricking thorns surrounding a castle of unattainable heights.
she is dangerous because she is true,
she is complex because she is pure.
she is wrong, because everything within you knows. it's overwhelmingly right.
she is both, a misfortune and a prize.
she is a reward and an unspeakable curse.
she is both pandora's box and the childhood keepsake therein.
she is an unrelenting nightmare and an unquenchable dream.
she is your estranged love and your soul searching fountain to quench your thirst.
she is only spirit, inhabiting an undesirable, hindering body..
she gets inside of you first, than feels her way out

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